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How Do You Help People

March 7, 2015


This is about dealing with downline people. The one thing I grapple with is helping people who reject offers of sincere help. So does anyone know the way to help people without them putting out the “I’m unreachable” dialogue that comes out. It’s like I’m dealing with a stone and one day it’s warm and another minute it’s stone cold.

Tell me what you would do.

How far do you stretch yourself. Do you just move on and get out of the way.

I know everyone does not take happy pills I am not pushing that sort of carry on.

I’m done today.




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Relevant Books for Today’s Entrepreneurs

March 28, 2013


Happy Easter to you. The lead up to Easter has been hectic. Why? Because I’m reading two great books to improve my blog writing and extend my limited knowledge.  My No.1  book is The Six Immutable Laws of Mobile Business and the second book I’m reading is The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid.

I  wish some of you would read those two books so that I could discuss  them with you in my blog or in a hang out on Google + That would be awesome.

Each of the books are relevant for todays network marketers because the mobile phone business with Smartphone and Iphone have proved themselves to be indispensable, I believe.  The No. 1 book states that in 2007 half of the world population owned mobile phones. That includes people from the lowest income strata in the world. The Six Immutable Laws of Mobile Business shows that if people want something enough they will get it. But think what that means in terms of a market size. The authors are Philip Sugai, Marco Koeder, and Ludovico Ciferri.

The  Fortune is at the Bottom of the Pyramid described in the second  book is the 4th tier of a conceptual pyramid sectioned into 4 tiers according to the income levels of people across the world.

Consider how many people  in the world earn the equivalent of US $1500 a year.  The figure stated in The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid is that there are  4 billion. They are in the 4th tier  (the bottom) of the pyramid.  Two Multi National Corporations (MNC’s)  with bases in India are

providing for that market,  selling cleaning agents. They have “cracked the code ” (my terminology) by finding out the acceptable  size and  price of a product is in the range of purchase for low-income people to buy them.  An example of what is selling well in India is one unit of detergent in a small package. When they hit the market they sold as fast as the news got around that they were available. In India low income people wash their clothes in rivers and streams. In the past they had no detergent because the units for sale were out of their price range. That has changed.

My interest in both of the books mentioned here is about people’s needs and how those needs can be met. The authors of The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid are C. K. Prahalad and Stuart L. Hart. Their view is that MNC’s will have to seriously consider the market in the 4th tier of the pyramid because of the size of it. The authors cite that the divide between rich and poor must change to avoid  some future disaster.  So that eventually the poverty-stricken can get access to the means to live  a better quality of life with their own efforts, not by charity. Their dignity has to be sustained for it to work.

China has become a very powerful nation in the last decade or more. Where in the past most of the people lived in rural areas and farmed the land about 80% or more of the people are now urban dwellers. Their standard of living has improved.

World leaders must implement ways to provide for changes in the lives of those who are in the 4th tier. Maybe our new Pope Francis the 1st will help to influence that change.

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