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How Do You Help People

March 7, 2015


This is about dealing with downline people. The one thing I grapple with is helping people who reject offers of sincere help. So does anyone know the way to help people without them putting out the “I’m unreachable” dialogue that comes out. It’s like I’m dealing with a stone and one day it’s warm and another minute it’s stone cold.

Tell me what you would do.

How far do you stretch yourself. Do you just move on and get out of the way.

I know everyone does not take happy pills I am not pushing that sort of carry on.

I’m done today.




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Home Business People Have a Crack at the 100 Day Business Builder Challenge

May 18, 2014


The 100 Day Biz Builder is back!

Adam Chandler and Justice Eagan are on Fire with The 100 Day Business Builder Challenge

This is an MLSP Challenge with two top operators.

This past year we held a ‘100 Day Biz Builder Challenge’ that spawned a good handful of noticeable leaders in the industry.

In fact, our students owned the MLSP leaderboards thanks to this intense LIVE training, and we want to do it again!

So, we have been asked  to choose to show some love, change some lives, and promote YOUR “100 Day Biz Builder Challenge”  Click on the link to see some important details you should know. The deal closes on 21 May at Midnight EST so Hurry!


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Succeed Where it Matters Most

March 3, 2014


I got this story from Word for Today  (Rhema Broadcastng Group NZ) 2 March 2014. So it’s not mine but I think it’s worth putting out. Many of you probably know it or perhaps have read it somewhere else.

The message is about focusing on the few things that you really excel at. Some of us have so many “balls in the air” that we are trying to get good at and it’s taking a long time and for a lot of us, it’s just too much. So what about just choosing say three things that we  each excel at and really going for it to turn those gifts you have into a success formula. So  that you can use those gifts you have to help  yourself and others to succeed. What you will find is that the  other balls you drop will be picked up by others who will add to the journey so that they can  succeed. So what you found hard to relinquish were the opportunities they may have been waiting for.

To relate this message to network marketing it can be a steer to form a co-op and work with others. Share  your skills and talents, share the cost and share

the rewards.

To your success.

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Following up on Pay for Your Leads

February 24, 2014


This is about solo ads. Many of you  network markets will probably know something, or a lot about solo ads. I know a bit but not as much as Daegan Smith also known as the King of Never Calling a Lead. He has a campaign running now about solo ads. So see what he says about getting leads this way here http://bit.ly/1ec8FI3

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Pay for Your Leads

February 23, 2014


Something that consistently gets drummed into network marketers is the importance of using paid media.  When you  listen to people who have made it in the 6 and 7 figure market you invest in yourself. When you  buy training , and when you take on paid media you are  also investing in yourself.

The big advantage of paid media is the speed at which the leads come in. You will have some troughs and spikes when you pay, but if you are consistent and focused you will get what you want.

The reason for putting out for more traffic with a strong front end offer is  leverage, that is, getting you more leads. The prize for buying traffic and using  multiple researched avenues to get traffic is also, more leads. So long as your sources  of leads are filtered, tested, and sound.

Two kinds of paid media are solo ads  used in newsletter marketing and pay per click or ppc

used in facebook marketing.  How often do you use them ?

To your abundance.

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You Drive Traffic

August 13, 2013


You Drive Traffic

The good thing about affiliate marketing is the huge chances you get to participate in great campaigns. I have been tied up in some local work

so I am  sorry that I am really late in getting this notice out to you. It closes at midnight on August 13 2013 EST

If you are looking to make some serious headway in network marketing. Do you want all the bells and whistles to be set up and ready to roll for you so that all you have to do is drive traffic.  This is one idea that will make you stop and say “it’s what I have been waiting for!”

Don’t wait around click on this link!



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Increase Sales in Network Marketing

March 18, 2013


It may seem like hard work going back over things you have learnt to get you ahead in network marketing but it’s common sense to refresh yourself from time to time. It’s an industry where distractions can be prolific, so it takes a strong mind to ignore the jazzy media attempts to distract your busy mind. Anyway here are some tips on refreshing your thoughts to increase sales:

Change your money goals. Make them bigger have a healthy monthly income goal. It’s surprising how often this works for people.

Surround yourself with great sales people, seek them out if you don’t have any in your close circles. Maybe interview the ones you know are good at sales.

Study the art of sales. Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar are some great authors to follow.

Become a better listener. Listen for the pain that people are going through. Give solutions.

Increase the number of people you talk to every day. The more the better. Remember 3 per cent of them will respond favourably.

Create a better posssibilty. Think big and don’t limit yourself in that process. There is always a better way to get to where you want to be.

Click here for more ideas http://bit.ly/OVSv5N

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Meet Daegan Smith

January 16, 2013


Daegan  Smith is running a Live Event on March 9 2013 in USA. He has not advised on a location yet but will tell us in early February. Here’s the thing though. People who have purchased Life Membership for Maximum Leverage gain entry as part of the Life Membership which is $997 and   8-11 places  are still available in that category. If you want to buy a ticket after those places are filled, the cost will be $1500-$2000.

Life membership gives you access to all of Daegan’s products which, you can earn commission from when you make a sale. My experience from having that access is that I am really pumped at being able to learn from such a great home business expert. The way that Daegan’s dialogue works is all focused on helping you to get the right message to use the knowledge  as instructed to get the maximum leverage out of your business.

Daegan is the King of never calling a single lead. What he has to share at this live event plus the guest presenters he lines up will be unforgettable, and enhance your own actions  and motivation to  help  you to grow your business.

Here is the link for Life Membership.


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