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How Do You Help People

March 7, 2015


This is about dealing with downline people. The one thing I grapple with is helping people who reject offers of sincere help. So does anyone know the way to help people without them putting out the “I’m unreachable” dialogue that comes out. It’s like I’m dealing with a stone and one day it’s warm and another minute it’s stone cold.

Tell me what you would do.

How far do you stretch yourself. Do you just move on and get out of the way.

I know everyone does not take happy pills I am not pushing that sort of carry on.

I’m done today.




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A Great Way to Start 2015

January 22, 2015


Hello to blog followers who have looked at this blog while I have been AWOL from it over the past months since October 2014. Hey I appreciate your following. This post is about how chuffed I am to have lost some weight.

I have also been learning about the value of people’s’ stories from real life experiences, so I hope this will help some people to go looking for this kind of diet.

I know we are all different so I don’t know how this appeals to others It’s just that it is good to find a way to manage the way you eat and the things you eat so that you lose weight.  By using a health programme that allows you to stay comfortable and sane. I believe that in this programme that, the joy comes from having protein bars as snacks in between meals. What a bonus that is!   Eating the recommended foods and supplements on the health programme  becomes easy I reckon.  I decided to do it just before Christmas 2014.

The  six-week programme is Health Pointe 2.0 it’s the one where you are meant to walk 10,000 steps each day.  It is a protein based programme. It changes your eating habits because you learn the value and the effects of  the amounts of protein, fats and carbohydrates that you consume.

My view is that it’s great and it is a real boost to self-esteem and confidence when you get the results from sticking to the programme and to the timeframe. I have lost 11 kg.


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What To Let Go When All You Want is Freedom

July 9, 2014


If you track your income and expenses do you act on what the figures tell you. Do you figure out what to cut out of your monthly or weekly expenses and concentrate on what you can make work for you in regard to bringing in a return on what you have spent.

It can be a hard decision to make  and cut something out, but in the long run it  should work. When you do it, you get some relief and you get some space to see where you are going.  You get some relief and get your mojo back.

While you are slaving away at trying to get ahead, you are embracing minimal-isation and hunting for bargains.You live frugally because you have to. You spend a lot of time on the work that needs doing. When finally this period of your work ethic is successful you feel exhilarated. But you can’t rest on your laurels because the more  your work is successful the more you have to do. That’s how it goes. So this is financial freedom.

I hope your milestones to financial freedom are being crushed, you deserve it.

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Things I Remember

May 24, 2014


Today it’s a very blustery stormy day with a stormy sea which looked like there was 10 metre swell, when I drove around the bays. It’s the kind of day when you just want to hunker down, or go to a movie and take in a story that’s designed to let your senses be inspired or  be exhilarated by just immersing yourself in the story. I looked at the movie schedule online but all the good movies are sold out so here I am writing a blog post.

My  Chinese grandfather who died in 1963 had a market garden which was about 9 acres in area. That seemed a lot of land to me when I was a young girl. In those days grandfather had motor vehicles as well as some draft horses, which were kept to pull the plough and to pull a cart that we could ride on, sitting along side boxes of carrots and cauliflowers, lettuces, radishes, green peas, and cabbages. Those would later be delivered to the local market in the truck that my uncles or aunts would drive. Every evening some of us  kids would take the horses up to the paddocks beyond the gardens to graze. In those paddocks were some old walnut trees where in the autumn there were hundreds of walnuts strewn all over the ground. It was great fun to gather them up and take them home to eat.



There was a creek running through the gardens where we used to go and catch tiny crabs which were popped into a pot  of water and cooked so their shells turned red before we feasted on them. They were delicious.

As a kid I was always falling over, my knees were covered in scars. One of the funniest falls I had was when I rode my new bike into the creek because I was going too fast and turned a sharp corner losing control of the steering and crashed into the creek which was not very deep. Everyone else had a great laugh at me.

My father was one of 15 children so I had lots of aunts, uncles and many cousins so going to my grandparents house was usually some kind of family gathering. My grandfather’s birthday was always special we would go there for breakfast. Part of the meal on that day, was a sweet soup which had a boiled egg in it.

It is simple things that I love to think about when I just want time out for myself.

I just think how uncomplicated those times were.

There was no television in those days, we had radio and we had vinyl records, we made up  our own fun and games to play, and we

had no problems. We could disappear for most of the day and come home before dinner time. We were always safe.

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Who Do You Allow to Influence What You Do?

March 25, 2014


This is  about looking at Network Marketing Professionals and who influences us. Why? Because this is a sector of professionals who are constantly bombarded with distractions. If we allow those distractions.

If you consider the circles of influence, that we each have.  There are several layers.  The inner circle is for people close to you. As the circle reaches wider like an onion skin, who have you got in those layers and how much do they influence your actions, your thinking and your behaviour. Do you consciously consider who you take a lot of notice of. Apart from your family members.

If you were just looking at your business  associates and where they are situated in your circle of influence.  Where have you positioned them. Which layer ? Have you got people there ?

What kinds of people are you looking for to help you to move forward in business and  income producing activities. How do you use your inner circle. If you have not got the kinds of people in that business inner circle that you need to help you to grow your business. How do you find out who they are and where they are.

You find out who YOU want when you express it in words , in dialogue, or in writing or on video.  Explain what it is  that you need to move to the next level of your income earning project or system. This is up to YOU. Articulate what it is and go and find the person who can help you. Reach out.

To Your success

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Succeed Where it Matters Most

March 3, 2014


I got this story from Word for Today  (Rhema Broadcastng Group NZ) 2 March 2014. So it’s not mine but I think it’s worth putting out. Many of you probably know it or perhaps have read it somewhere else.

The message is about focusing on the few things that you really excel at. Some of us have so many “balls in the air” that we are trying to get good at and it’s taking a long time and for a lot of us, it’s just too much. So what about just choosing say three things that we  each excel at and really going for it to turn those gifts you have into a success formula. So  that you can use those gifts you have to help  yourself and others to succeed. What you will find is that the  other balls you drop will be picked up by others who will add to the journey so that they can  succeed. So what you found hard to relinquish were the opportunities they may have been waiting for.

To relate this message to network marketing it can be a steer to form a co-op and work with others. Share  your skills and talents, share the cost and share

the rewards.

To your success.

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Stay Focused Go Around Obstacles

February 26, 2014


Hey have you decided what your marketing strategy is and  are you sticking to it. You may have chosen blogging, or newsletter marketing, ppc, or video. Whatever it is how do you stay focused when you are bombarded with spam every day. We are told that the best thing with spam is to unsubscribe.    This is a handy link  www.goheretounsubscribe.com

The thing about staying focused is making headway. Whether it’s in creating your own products or service. Having a vision and putting down markers or milestones to keep you on track helps. Then really going for it to get to each milestone  really works. But, when you hit a glitch you have to work hard to get through it or around it. That’s the time to talk to your mentor or your buddy about what you do next

Because that  glitch can pull you down. If you belong to MLSP, Maximum Leverage,  Warrior Forum, or  Empower, you can go to their Facebook page or their inner circle and say what the problem is.  Someone will respond.

It’s up to you.

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Following up on Pay for Your Leads

February 24, 2014


This is about solo ads. Many of you  network markets will probably know something, or a lot about solo ads. I know a bit but not as much as Daegan Smith also known as the King of Never Calling a Lead. He has a campaign running now about solo ads. So see what he says about getting leads this way here http://bit.ly/1ec8FI3

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Pay for Your Leads

February 23, 2014


Something that consistently gets drummed into network marketers is the importance of using paid media.  When you  listen to people who have made it in the 6 and 7 figure market you invest in yourself. When you  buy training , and when you take on paid media you are  also investing in yourself.

The big advantage of paid media is the speed at which the leads come in. You will have some troughs and spikes when you pay, but if you are consistent and focused you will get what you want.

The reason for putting out for more traffic with a strong front end offer is  leverage, that is, getting you more leads. The prize for buying traffic and using  multiple researched avenues to get traffic is also, more leads. So long as your sources  of leads are filtered, tested, and sound.

Two kinds of paid media are solo ads  used in newsletter marketing and pay per click or ppc

used in facebook marketing.  How often do you use them ?

To your abundance.

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Writing Sparks More Inspiration-

February 21, 2014


I know that with a title like the one above this article that  a network marketing pro might think “what the heck is the key word here?” So let’s proclaim that  writing sparks more inspiration, is the key word phrase. Because if you are doing it every day  (writing) and often at night, other stuff banks up and flows into your brain and  widens your thinking.

On writing, I learnt that the secret to writing comes from you and your own actions. When you start to write an article if you are searching for a way to start so long as you have your subject sorted out, just start writing. What comes out may just be gibberish or gobble de gook at first, but you can erase that part later or turn it into common sense . The thing is to start and the flow will follow. Trust me this works try it. If you thought you couldn’t do it keep at it and it will work for you. Let go of any tenseness that blocks your thinking and write.

To your abundance. Cheers!

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