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Succeed Where it Matters Most

March 3, 2014


I got this story from Word for Today  (Rhema Broadcastng Group NZ) 2 March 2014. So it’s not mine but I think it’s worth putting out. Many of you probably know it or perhaps have read it somewhere else.

The message is about focusing on the few things that you really excel at. Some of us have so many “balls in the air” that we are trying to get good at and it’s taking a long time and for a lot of us, it’s just too much. So what about just choosing say three things that we  each excel at and really going for it to turn those gifts you have into a success formula. So  that you can use those gifts you have to help  yourself and others to succeed. What you will find is that the  other balls you drop will be picked up by others who will add to the journey so that they can  succeed. So what you found hard to relinquish were the opportunities they may have been waiting for.

To relate this message to network marketing it can be a steer to form a co-op and work with others. Share  your skills and talents, share the cost and share

the rewards.

To your success.

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Stay Focused Go Around Obstacles

February 26, 2014


Hey have you decided what your marketing strategy is and  are you sticking to it. You may have chosen blogging, or newsletter marketing, ppc, or video. Whatever it is how do you stay focused when you are bombarded with spam every day. We are told that the best thing with spam is to unsubscribe.    This is a handy link

The thing about staying focused is making headway. Whether it’s in creating your own products or service. Having a vision and putting down markers or milestones to keep you on track helps. Then really going for it to get to each milestone  really works. But, when you hit a glitch you have to work hard to get through it or around it. That’s the time to talk to your mentor or your buddy about what you do next

Because that  glitch can pull you down. If you belong to MLSP, Maximum Leverage,  Warrior Forum, or  Empower, you can go to their Facebook page or their inner circle and say what the problem is.  Someone will respond.

It’s up to you.

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Writing Sparks More Inspiration-

February 21, 2014


I know that with a title like the one above this article that  a network marketing pro might think “what the heck is the key word here?” So let’s proclaim that  writing sparks more inspiration, is the key word phrase. Because if you are doing it every day  (writing) and often at night, other stuff banks up and flows into your brain and  widens your thinking.

On writing, I learnt that the secret to writing comes from you and your own actions. When you start to write an article if you are searching for a way to start so long as you have your subject sorted out, just start writing. What comes out may just be gibberish or gobble de gook at first, but you can erase that part later or turn it into common sense . The thing is to start and the flow will follow. Trust me this works try it. If you thought you couldn’t do it keep at it and it will work for you. Let go of any tenseness that blocks your thinking and write.

To your abundance. Cheers!

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Live the Dream V Event October 2014 Austin Texas

January 23, 2014


Live the Dream V Event October 2014 Austin Texas

I am busting to tell more people about this. My first experience of a live event  about network marketing was the No Excuses Summit in Las Vegas in 2010.

There have been several events like that  since then and one of the most popular ones is Live the Dream (LTD). So many people who have broken their piggy banks to get to one of these know the value of the fun, the learning, the sharing and the adrenalin, the leadership, that courses through their veins at LTD. It is an event where eyes and ears just open wide and soak up the camaraderie, the support and the intelligent ideas and pointers that you can experience at this event, go to Live the Dream V . You’ve gotta be there if you have a home business, if you are a network marketer or you want to be one. If you want to learn some tools and strategies to buoy up you and your home business.This is the place to be. It will push you to take more action as a leader. the

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Happy New Year Rock Your Socks Off Bundle

December 20, 2013


Happy New Year Rock Your Socks Off Bundle

Merry Christmas take time out for yourself and those you love and care for. This is a time for spreading peace and goodwill.

Just a bit about going into 2014. Network Marketing is for “Doing” Guys

One pearl of wisdom  in learning about network marketing, that Bluesman MLM (Frank Marino) mentioned on the MLSP webinar a couple of days ago was this: When you access a learning package or get on a webinar don’t take a load of notes and then wait until it “all sinks in” before you take action. Start implementing it straight away while it’s on top of your brain. This will get your enthusiasm and juices activated to get it done. Chunk what you do so that you gain momentum. This will get you going further, and it does not have to be perfect  you just want to get it working so that your message gets out to the people you connect with. Chunking it means you are activating what you have learned. So break your task up into chunks and follow the instructions that way.

I am bringing you a link to and MLSP holiday bundle.See what’s here for you at Christmas time in the way of tools to grow you and your business. This is the time to make your goals for 2014 so that you can rock your socks off with your network marketing Holiday Bundle from MLSP. Here’s the link

Merry Christmas

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I Know it’s November

November 19, 2013


I have been AWOL since August but I have no regrets. Life has to go on whether you are  on or off the internet. Time used just, has to be meaningful and productive.  Suffice to say I have pursued jobs that matter and I will continue to do that, as well as blogging and network marketing. Ce’st la vie.

Now back to network marketing and a timely review of where you are at. This link I am giving you is for one of Ray Higdon’s blog posts. It is timeless, just as his messages are, in my view. These are Ray’s 6 Top MLM tips if you are new to Network Marketing here you go…

Stay Cool!


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How to Explode Your MLM

January 10, 2013


I am just putting out a bit more news on Explode Your MLM and how people can do that. You see MLSP (My Lead System Pro, an education company and a marketing platform) has put out another system. One of the tools in it is 10 daily steps to fire your boss. It’s not for the faint hearted. It means a heck of a lot of work. But it comes from a supportive structure where there are people with experience who can help those  who want to give it a go.

Now people might think, yeah great fire your boss and then what? Well there is a theory that if you want to get away from being an employee. You are willing to apply yourself to some other activity that you are passionate about which can be an income earner. So if that is the case then the system that MLSP provides can support you to do just that. It’s about finding other people who are attracted to what you put out. The system will guide you .

If people want to join us at MLSP please do. Click here for more information.

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