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Confirm Your Free Video and Learn How 1K, 3K, and 5K Commissions Can Be Achieved.

July 3, 2014


I am someone who has belonged to seven different network marketing companies over the last four years, I have moved on from some of those. This is the last company I joined where this system is designed for people to get 1K, 3K and 5K in commissions. This is a system that puts the more critical parts of marketing in the hands of seasoned professionals. What matters is that it works. If you want help to get ahead this is a way.

Entrepreneurs can do this without picking up the phone. The video has no cost attached to it. It is time more people heard about this system, because it works.

Video for Commission 1K,3K, 5K

I believe more people should know about it because people are continually looking for one thing that will get them  out of a hole and on the road to live how they want, with more freedom.   There are testimonials  about this company that  you will see . They will show you the rapid climbs to success of people from all different walks of life.

It is well known that there are thousands of people hungry to learn what works in this industry. The more people who know the better.

Today I am promoting the video for no cost, it tells you how you can earn good commissions if you follow the steps in the video. This can be a game changer. Don’t let this chance slip away from you. Click here now…..

Video for Commissions 1K, 3K, 5K

To The Top

Noeline Matthews


59 Harbour View Road, Lower Hutt,  New Zealand 5010

64 274 380 473







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Who Do You Allow to Influence What You Do?

March 25, 2014


This is  about looking at Network Marketing Professionals and who influences us. Why? Because this is a sector of professionals who are constantly bombarded with distractions. If we allow those distractions.

If you consider the circles of influence, that we each have.  There are several layers.  The inner circle is for people close to you. As the circle reaches wider like an onion skin, who have you got in those layers and how much do they influence your actions, your thinking and your behaviour. Do you consciously consider who you take a lot of notice of. Apart from your family members.

If you were just looking at your business  associates and where they are situated in your circle of influence.  Where have you positioned them. Which layer ? Have you got people there ?

What kinds of people are you looking for to help you to move forward in business and  income producing activities. How do you use your inner circle. If you have not got the kinds of people in that business inner circle that you need to help you to grow your business. How do you find out who they are and where they are.

You find out who YOU want when you express it in words , in dialogue, or in writing or on video.  Explain what it is  that you need to move to the next level of your income earning project or system. This is up to YOU. Articulate what it is and go and find the person who can help you. Reach out.

To Your success

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Following up on Pay for Your Leads

February 24, 2014


This is about solo ads. Many of you  network markets will probably know something, or a lot about solo ads. I know a bit but not as much as Daegan Smith also known as the King of Never Calling a Lead. He has a campaign running now about solo ads. So see what he says about getting leads this way here

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Pay for Your Leads

February 23, 2014


Something that consistently gets drummed into network marketers is the importance of using paid media.  When you  listen to people who have made it in the 6 and 7 figure market you invest in yourself. When you  buy training , and when you take on paid media you are  also investing in yourself.

The big advantage of paid media is the speed at which the leads come in. You will have some troughs and spikes when you pay, but if you are consistent and focused you will get what you want.

The reason for putting out for more traffic with a strong front end offer is  leverage, that is, getting you more leads. The prize for buying traffic and using  multiple researched avenues to get traffic is also, more leads. So long as your sources  of leads are filtered, tested, and sound.

Two kinds of paid media are solo ads  used in newsletter marketing and pay per click or ppc

used in facebook marketing.  How often do you use them ?

To your abundance.

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Daily Blogging

February 21, 2014


Hey I have said I would do daily blogging even if it’s just 3 sentences so here goes. I had to step back and look at myself seriously and decide how many modalities I want to commit to. So my decision was blogging is my number one

modality because I want to improve it. David Wood says the more you do it the better you get at it. I am comfortable writing about what I know about. I feel that way about public speaking too. I think if you know what you are talking about it’s easy. Mind you I don’t think I have spoken to  an audience of 1000 people . But I have done a 300-400 group. And that was okay.

So I joined Empower Network about a year ago and I found I had too much on my plate and  left it. Well now I have joined up again, because I have got some blogs established.

Hey  listen, don’t click on this link if you don’t want to hear about Empower Network and you don’t want to hear about millionaires. It’s just part of what I am doing right now.

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Live the Dream V Event October 2014 Austin Texas

January 23, 2014


Live the Dream V Event October 2014 Austin Texas

I am busting to tell more people about this. My first experience of a live event  about network marketing was the No Excuses Summit in Las Vegas in 2010.

There have been several events like that  since then and one of the most popular ones is Live the Dream (LTD). So many people who have broken their piggy banks to get to one of these know the value of the fun, the learning, the sharing and the adrenalin, the leadership, that courses through their veins at LTD. It is an event where eyes and ears just open wide and soak up the camaraderie, the support and the intelligent ideas and pointers that you can experience at this event, go to Live the Dream V . You’ve gotta be there if you have a home business, if you are a network marketer or you want to be one. If you want to learn some tools and strategies to buoy up you and your home business.This is the place to be. It will push you to take more action as a leader. the

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Happy New Year Rock Your Socks Off Bundle

December 20, 2013


Happy New Year Rock Your Socks Off Bundle

Merry Christmas take time out for yourself and those you love and care for. This is a time for spreading peace and goodwill.

Just a bit about going into 2014. Network Marketing is for “Doing” Guys

One pearl of wisdom  in learning about network marketing, that Bluesman MLM (Frank Marino) mentioned on the MLSP webinar a couple of days ago was this: When you access a learning package or get on a webinar don’t take a load of notes and then wait until it “all sinks in” before you take action. Start implementing it straight away while it’s on top of your brain. This will get your enthusiasm and juices activated to get it done. Chunk what you do so that you gain momentum. This will get you going further, and it does not have to be perfect  you just want to get it working so that your message gets out to the people you connect with. Chunking it means you are activating what you have learned. So break your task up into chunks and follow the instructions that way.

I am bringing you a link to and MLSP holiday bundle.See what’s here for you at Christmas time in the way of tools to grow you and your business. This is the time to make your goals for 2014 so that you can rock your socks off with your network marketing Holiday Bundle from MLSP. Here’s the link

Merry Christmas

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I Know it’s November

November 19, 2013


I have been AWOL since August but I have no regrets. Life has to go on whether you are  on or off the internet. Time used just, has to be meaningful and productive.  Suffice to say I have pursued jobs that matter and I will continue to do that, as well as blogging and network marketing. Ce’st la vie.

Now back to network marketing and a timely review of where you are at. This link I am giving you is for one of Ray Higdon’s blog posts. It is timeless, just as his messages are, in my view. These are Ray’s 6 Top MLM tips if you are new to Network Marketing here you go…

Stay Cool!


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You Drive Traffic

August 13, 2013


You Drive Traffic

The good thing about affiliate marketing is the huge chances you get to participate in great campaigns. I have been tied up in some local work

so I am  sorry that I am really late in getting this notice out to you. It closes at midnight on August 13 2013 EST

If you are looking to make some serious headway in network marketing. Do you want all the bells and whistles to be set up and ready to roll for you so that all you have to do is drive traffic.  This is one idea that will make you stop and say “it’s what I have been waiting for!”

Don’t wait around click on this link!


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Simple Points about Online Marketing

May 27, 2013


There are many great opportunities for online/network marketers today and those increase with fast changing technology particularly in the mobile industry.

There are some things that people should try to  find out about  when they take the step to become entrepreneurs in online /network marketing. The industry has many years of  future growth and the market is wide open. So if you have thoughts about getting into it and you have a great idea, there are a few simple points here that might be of use.

One of the  attractions about online/network  marketing is the low entry cost. Sometimes people don’t really know how much money they will need to kick off in their online/network marketing business. It’s easy to say all you need is a laptop and a phone. However then the costs can kick in before you start earning. So if you are thinking of getting into this industry, or any other business think hard about why you want to do it.  You do need some money. What for? To advertise to buy into training. There are some avenues for  learning and advertising for little or no cost, but those are  the ones  where you need to be able to learn quickly or you will get despondent and give up. Don’t get into that mode. It’s a good idea to get a good mentor. Sometimes to get a good mentor that person will want you to buy into his/her primary business, often for a monthly subscription. Monthly subscriptions  can be at various levels from entry-level to mastery.

There are some really good people who are putting out  really valuable free training and advice in the industry. Try to find those. It’s up to you to find out who you want to work with. After you have been on some  of the training that you’ve selected, you may want to sign up with the person who presented it because you were impressed with him/her, and you got value from it. It’s always helpful for the presenter if you give feedback in the comments section of their blog or demonstration. That’s your call.

Read the terms of agreement before you sign up to a  company membership.  If those are not available on the  exciting offer you are looking at, ask for them.  Just email the entrepreneur  who is promoting it and find out. That’s often hard to do in the excitement of getting into a great opportunity you’re  often busting to click buy and push through your credit card details.

Track What You Spend

Be focused on what you want. Be ready to track what you spend and only buy what you really need.  Calculate the hours in a day that you can work at this venture, this is so you don’t buy all the stuff that comes into you sight on the internet. Allocate time to work on each opportunity, before you buy.  Have a monthly budget for your operation  no matter how small or big it is, and know what you want to spend  it on.  Often there is a limited time offer that excites people to jump in and get started.  For example do a trial for a $1 for a limited  amount of days, and then sign up as a member. Later it can be time-consuming to  unsubscribe or cancel, because what you thought you were getting into is different to what you expected, and the cost is more than what you expected. Be careful about the term unsubscribe and cancel, and the way they are used. Unsubscribe could mean you just don’t get any more emails or offers. But you will still be paying that monthly fee.

Webinars and Hangouts

While you are looking for ways to develop your business, you can get on a webinar or a hangout about a business offer and be really blown away by the success that people demonstrate. It can be really attractive and exciting. If you do dive in be ready for some hard work and be practical about what you are taking on board.  Be  very disciplined when it comes to managing your  own time .

Good webinar hosts usually have a question and answer session at the end of their training or demonstration so be ready to ask questions at the end, in the chat box. Often you can get access to a replay of the webinar so that you can go through it again in you own time. Look for that opportunity.

When you have been on a webinar or a training session, soon after the training put that learning into action. Decide if it works for you and keep on doing it.

It’s easy to get onto lots of training and you can end up with many notes that you don’t have time to go over and use. Plan your work and work your plan.

I will be writing more about getting into online marketing.

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