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Network Marketing Pro. My work in adult education is my basis for wanting to see people grow. It's great to see people do well in what they choose to do for a living. I believe that being in charge of your own progress through life is a better way. Home Business and helping people to get started with education and understanding works, if you are committed and active in network marketing. Currently MLSP (My Lead System Pro) is the number one system that helps people to get started on the internet.

Being Grateful

June 1, 2017


I was able to give away some free movie tickets for a fund-raising event recently. I did not pay for all of them. Various people in my group called Te Roopu Whakawhaiti paid for tickets that they were not going to use. So we were able to randomly give some away.

It was such a joy to see the reactions of the  random people who I approached to give tickets to. I only had one woman who said no, because she didn’t think the movie was “her thing”.

Why can’t we do more good things where there is no cost involved to give people joy more regularly.

I am grateful to have had that experience.

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Are You Time Bankrupt

August 11, 2016


If you have spent years of study to get your degree so that you could get a real job and get on in your life and in this world. How’s it all going for you? Do you want to spend the next 40 years doing the same thing for the same results. If you climb higher up the ladder at work all you will get  besides a bit more money is more time in the workplace.

When that happens chances are the money coming in is good, but the time you have to be with your family, and to do the life-balancing activities you love is not available.

More people these  days are looking for more options to bridge the time gap and to still have an income that enables the work life balance that many dream of having.

The options that are apparent seem pretty lack lustre unless you want to dream big and make changes in what you do. In the way of creating an income that is sustaining.

The options are out there but some of the opportunities available  are missed for the wrong reasons. It’s about judging something before you have seriously researched it. If you do want your dreams to come true take a little time to “get into it” do the homework.

Life’s too short to let opportunity pass you by. However that is your choice about whether to take the step to look at something that might be outside what you are used to. So look seriously for the evidence that what you are thinking of doing is worth the step you could take.

Don’t miss a business opportunity for the wrong reasons. There will be work to do but if you pick the right path it will bring you fulfillment. Those opportunities are out there keep looking for them.





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On Goal Setting

June 3, 2016


Just a heads up on my outlook on goal setting. Unless you have a massively big goal, chances are you will not have the grunt to achieve it. I’m talking about procrastination.  I am so grateful to Andy Core about this solution. Andy Core can explain this very simply. It’s a lot about being honest with yourself. If you keep  constantly avoiding some of the actions that are required for you to get to your goal. The more times you set out to do them, and then you don’t complete those actions or that action. Then you are likely to give up on the goal. There is a way to overcome that behaviour. Andy Core says.  Don’t be too hard on yourself. You are not the only one who goes through stuff like this. There are three steps to take and it includes forgiving yourself.

  1. Slow down, breathe
  2. Think Big Picture
  3. Forgive yourself

Happy Action Taking .

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Reflecting on Followers

March 15, 2015


This post is about the power of getting people to follow what you believe, I mean it’s about the way you see things and, then getting people to follow and support your belief. Not necessarily in a religious sense but in an organizational sense.

Reflecting on followers. What makes followers ( I mean people) who connect with, the “how” of someone who leads an organization.  What is it that makes leaders. What is it that gets a person enough support for him or her to get votes to lead an organization.  What is the attraction that a  person standing for leadership has or puts out, that gains support so that he or she gets to lead a group.

Is it because there is a feeling that people are not getting to do things the way they want to do them. Is it because people feel restricted with the things as they are so they are seeking an opening to get things done the way that they want to do things.

If it is, who is the judge of the way of doing things. How is risk limited or avoided. Is there a rule in the organization that protects its constituents so that risk is minimised. Or is it left for the members of an organization to observe, maybe cry out or communicate their concerns, if they happen to be informed. If that is the case what happens when people do cry out.

What do you think?


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Start Now

March 9, 2015


Building your business is like waiting for plants to grow when you start. You have to believe in it and you have to do something to make it grow. Network marketing can be an unknown quantity. You have to have a dream  and a passion for it. Otherwise how can you make it come true.

I am writing this before I go to a business meeting so I’ll be finishing it later tonight. Let me tell you about the inspiring thing I heard today. It was a podcast by Tony Dowling. He talked about the 50k solution. It’s about building an asset and  generating a residual income of 50k per year. How do you do that when your contemporaries have reached a time when they have stopped working.

Well it’s about building a whole team and each entrepreneur in it taking action and achieving their own potential. In some cases people may do more than 50k. The whole team works toward the team growth.  While each member of the  team builds their own business at the same time. People help each other.

People who see the value want to work in a proven system and get into implementing it. If the system is used consistently it keeps on working as each year rolls by. This is about network marketing and the system is Network 21.

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How Do You Help People

March 7, 2015


This is about dealing with downline people. The one thing I grapple with is helping people who reject offers of sincere help. So does anyone know the way to help people without them putting out the “I’m unreachable” dialogue that comes out. It’s like I’m dealing with a stone and one day it’s warm and another minute it’s stone cold.

Tell me what you would do.

How far do you stretch yourself. Do you just move on and get out of the way.

I know everyone does not take happy pills I am not pushing that sort of carry on.

I’m done today.




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A Great Way to Start 2015

January 22, 2015


Hello to blog followers who have looked at this blog while I have been AWOL from it over the past months since October 2014. Hey I appreciate your following. This post is about how chuffed I am to have lost some weight.

I have also been learning about the value of people’s’ stories from real life experiences, so I hope this will help some people to go looking for this kind of diet.

I know we are all different so I don’t know how this appeals to others It’s just that it is good to find a way to manage the way you eat and the things you eat so that you lose weight.  By using a health programme that allows you to stay comfortable and sane. I believe that in this programme that, the joy comes from having protein bars as snacks in between meals. What a bonus that is!   Eating the recommended foods and supplements on the health programme  becomes easy I reckon.  I decided to do it just before Christmas 2014.

The  six-week programme is Health Pointe 2.0 it’s the one where you are meant to walk 10,000 steps each day.  It is a protein based programme. It changes your eating habits because you learn the value and the effects of  the amounts of protein, fats and carbohydrates that you consume.

My view is that it’s great and it is a real boost to self-esteem and confidence when you get the results from sticking to the programme and to the timeframe. I have lost 11 kg.


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Entrepreneur Attitude is What Matters

October 30, 2014


While we are working at growing our businesses as entrepreneurs we can get bogged down with the many times we get a “no thanks” response.  Don’t forget people matter. We are taught that the thing to do is just go to the next person because what we are offering may be just what they are looking for. Now is this easy to do? What do you say?

I say it is hard at first but it gets easier the more you do the more you can do. But that’s the thing. Can you hang in there day in and day out so that eventually you’ll get a real break through, when a real star joins your team. That takes fire in your belly and passion for what you are doing. So can you do all that and do you have the goals written down, and a  real vision of what you are working towards.  Can you see it feel it smell it in your mind ? Those goals have to be something you are thirsty for.

This may seem off beat but just to give a context of thirst for this article. Thirst is harder to handle than hunger I reckon. And it’s easier to relate to because you can just think of a desert and a wilderness with no water. And man, that can be tough on you. There you go, visualize yourself reaching your goal and relish the prize. Like finding a lake of fresh water.

Drink it up, load up and go on to reach your next goal at the next level.

Two attitudes or ways of being, that we have had suggested to us in our training are grateful-ness and forgiveness.

People matter more than some of us realise so be conscious of your grateful-ness and your capacity to forgive others. Reap the benefits of knowing yourself more so that you can achieve what you set out to do. You reap what you sow in life.

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Systems in Network Marketing

October 1, 2014


Whatever business you are in. This about using the systems available to you to advance your business in network marketing. If you got in early and joined a team that is good news. If you just joined as a member and are just sitting there in one spot, that is your choice and okay. You may be just a subscriber.

Having a place in your team is great for the rest of your team and for you. However the members of the team that work at prospecting and who attend webinars and meetings are moving ahead to reach their vision of where they want to go.

This is engagement. Do you not want that engagement?

If you are doing what you have always wanted to do. That’s great. If you have an achievement that you are working towards that is your business and that’s fine.

However ask yourself if this is the real deal for you.

Where I am coming from in my thinking is this. Where there are systems to use to grow your business, take the time to learn about them because you may be surprised at how easy they work for you if you use them.

Say no to what you don’t want and strive for what you do want.

You drive the direction of what your future brings, no one else does.

Have you got some business goals about where you want to be in 5 years time? If you have how is it all shaping up?

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Your Wellbeing Matters

September 19, 2014


Hey I am not an expert on health but I know what it’s like to not have good health. What matters when your health is not good is that you have someone who takes care of you. It’s good to have someone there to  be there with you,  or who calls in on you to see you are alright. Having someone who can check up on you as you go through your illness on your way to recover just helps to get you through it.

This is hard for some of us to do, however it’s to focus on rest and recovery and try not to worry about the work you have lined up back at your desk. Any little inroads you try to make on the work load while you have not recovered fully, could lengthen the time for your full recovery so don’t risk it.


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