On Goal Setting

Just a heads up on my outlook on goal setting. Unless you have a massively big goal, chances are you will not have the grunt to achieve it. I’m talking about procrastination.  I am so grateful to Andy Core about this solution. Andy Core can explain this very simply. It’s a lot about being honest with yourself. If you keep  constantly avoiding some of the actions that are required for you to get to your goal. The more times you set out to do them, and then you don’t complete those actions or that action. Then you are likely to give up on the goal. There is a way to overcome that behaviour. Andy Core says.  Don’t be too hard on yourself. You are not the only one who goes through stuff like this. There are three steps to take and it includes forgiving yourself.

  1. Slow down, breathe
  2. Think Big Picture
  3. Forgive yourself

Happy Action Taking .


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Network Marketing Pro. My work in adult education is my basis for wanting to see people grow. It's great to see people do well in what they choose to do for a living. I believe that being in charge of your own progress through life is a better way. Home Business and helping people to get started with education and understanding works, if you are committed and active in network marketing. Currently MLSP (My Lead System Pro) is the number one system that helps people to get started on the internet.

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