Do You Track Your Daily Costs and Income

July 2, 2014


This is useful for Home Business people as well as the top tier guys, I believe. Today I was reading a blog post article by Matt Lloyd where he interviews a seven figure earner about keeping track and knowing what their businesses are doing financially. It’s great to see a nice 7 figure amount in you bank but if you don’t know what has to come out of it in payments in the current month how good is your business?

Hey I’m not a 7 figure earner, however the practice for smaller businesses should be just as focused and committed to having established, easy to manage systems, to see where things are at from one day to the next. You need to know what your net worth is. If it’s your money you be responsible ¬†overall for how it is looked after. Track it every day.

Sorry to say that the url below is now out of date but you might find some interesting stuff on Matt’s blog.

Go to


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One Comment on “Do You Track Your Daily Costs and Income”

  1. noelinematthews Says:

    Thanks Zora I will do that. Sorry I have been awol from this blog for such a long time. I appreciate your comment.


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