Some Simple Tips for Blogging

November 14, 2012



This is for any online marketers. A few points taken from Ray Higdon’s session on blogging in the Futuristic Marketing training.

Put yourself forward as someone who can help. Write about how long you have blogged and what you know about and have to share. Ask for feedback.

Get out and meet people. Go along to meetings look at and see what groups you can join locally.

Research Takes Time

Be a marketer not just a consumer. Share what you are learning. Talk about it.

The number 1 reason to do blogging is to get leads and to build a list. If you have a system to get leads write about that.

Don’t expect too much at the start. It takes a while for people to get to know what you are like. Blog every day.

Once you have defined your target market do the research and write for them, tell them things that will solve their problems, so they can move forward. Always give value.

If you struggle with what to write about decide on one problem you will research

and when you have found the answers to your research questions, write those in your blog.

Three Quick Ideas to Generate Content.


Remember that content has to hold value

#1              Pick 3 books from your library

Pick one question that you want to have answered and write about what you found.

#2              Ask people what their number one question is about ( xxxxxxx) whatever you think of. It could be “how to make money online”

or 7 ways to get more traffic.

This could be done in your blog, or on a webinar.  Ask people to comment.

#3              go to Barnes & Noble or any bookstore. Look at 3-6 self-improvement books, look for lists.

If you find a book with a list of, at least 6 things eg for improving closing sales, read all about those six things and write about it.

Have a few drop cards with your details, and drop them in selected books.


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